Here’s our pick of top outdoor and adventure activities in the Fiordland & Southland region. The orange map markers below are places we’ve visited and you can click on a marker to see photos and read about our experience there. The blue markers are places we still need to explore – lucky us.

This is a living map, and we’ll update it regularly as we explore and discover new places and more exciting outdoor activities. Have some suggestions of places we should visit? Use the contact form over here and share the adventure.

Fiordland and Southland region map

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Kepler Track: -45.492240, 167.662800
Key Summit Track: -44.825490, 168.117270
Lake Marian: -44.808150, 168.103060
Humboldt Falls: -44.692790, 168.125900
Gertrude Valley Track: -44.768560, 168.002740
Homer Tunnel: -44.764840, 167.989790
The Chasm: -44.721390, 167.951040
Milford Sound: -44.668880, 167.927300
Nugget Point: -46.445450, 169.807230
Cathedral Caves: -46.603850, 169.374330
Curio Bay: -46.661030, 169.098160
Waipohatu Falls: -46.618380, 169.012430
Clifden Cave: -46.018250, 167.741290

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