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Mountain Safety Council Tramping Video Series

We’ve been a long time fan of the Mountain Safety Council’s many resources, and we consider their Bushcraft and Outdoor Safety guides to be essential reading for anyone who intends to spend time outdoors. We also don’t go tramping without our handy yellow MSC pack liners which we’re sure many of you will be familiar with.

So we were pretty stoked when MSC reached out to us and asked if we could help to promote their latest tramping videos which add another 7 tracks to the already successful series, first released in 2018.

The latest tracks were chosen after careful analysis of safety data, and each video highlights the track’s common risks and hazards, outlines key decision-making points, and offers guidance on walking times, essential clothing and gear items, important weather factors and other track-specific advice.

The tracks are listed below, and you can watch each video in full here on Out There Kiwi. Whether you’re already planning on doing one of these walks, looking for ideas for your next adventure, or simply want to be amazed by the natural beauty that’s in our backyard, we encourage you to watch them all.

MSC Outdoor safety videos

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