Places to Visit in New Zealand

Made up of two large islands, conveniently named the North Island and the South Island, along with a number of smaller offshore islands, New Zealand is a relatively small country, a little larger than the United Kingdom. However, unlike the UK, New Zealand has around 61 million fewer people, so you could say we have a little more room to play.

Yes, there are tourist hotspots that get busy during the peak summer season (December to February) and yes, Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, can feel a little crazy at rush hour. But it’s never too hard to escape the crowds, especially if you’re willing to explore off the beaten track.

And there certainly is a lot to explore. New Zealand has a diverse landscape, shaped by volcanoes and the constant shifting of tectonic plates. From north to south and from east coast to west coast, the landscape, the vegetation and even the weather changes significantly. We’ve got beaches, mountains, lakes, glaciers and so much more, and with so much to see and do, as a visitor, deciding where to go can be a little overwhelming. This page is a good place to start.

New Zealand Regions

Across the North and South Islands, New Zealand is divided up into a number of regions, each with its own particular, and in some cases unique, features. These regions are listed below and you can explore each one in more detail to see where it’s located and read about some of the top attractions and activities for adventure travellers.

North Island Regions

South Island Regions


New Zealand Adventure

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